VIP Visitors Mock Poor Old Lady at Stadium, at the End of the Game Team Captain Addresses Her — Story of the Day

Guests at a college football championship mock a humble old woman for her clothes at the VIP box but then the Captain of the winning team makes a speech.

The VIP guests at the college championship game couldn’t believe their eyes. There was a tiny old woman with a ridiculous hat sitting there, in the best seat, the one the college President has earmarked for himself!

“Excuse me!” he said. “You’re in my seat!” But the old woman simply ignored him and leaned forward eagerly as the first team trooped onto the field.

“Hush!” she said sternly. “Didn’t your mamma teach you not to interrupt your elders?”

The President was furious! Most of all, he was embarrassed. The president of the opposing college was smirking! All his guests were staring! So he did the best he could and ignored the woman.

True worth is measured by the respect you show to the people around you.
He walked to the buffet and started chatting to a prominent sports journalist and a recruiter for a major team. A singer stepped out and sang the National Anthem and the game began.

Everyone was very excited! The college’s quarterback and team captain, Chuck Evans was rumored to have received a multi-million dollar offer to sign up with a big club — and he was a rookie! Then Chuck showed WHY he was worth every penny and was expected to become one of the best ever.

Every time he made a play, the old woman was on her feet, shouting and whistling excitedly. The President looked at her with disdain.

“Who is that woman?” asked the town Mayor.

“I don’t know,” hissed the President. “But I think running her off would make a big fuss and there are reporters present!”

“True,” cried the Mayor. “Image is everything, even though…Honestly! The woman looks like the stadium cleaner!”

The President chucked. Then raising his voice slightly so the woman could hear him, he said, “She must have gotten her dress out of the welfare bin!”

“Did she steal the hat from a scarecrow?” snickered the Mayor.

The old woman heard them, and her eyes filled with tears. Still, she fixed her eyes on the field and continued cheering as the host team took the championship.

The adepts went wild, the President was puffed up with pride, and he immediately started giving the journalists in the VIP box an impromptu interview.

“Yes,” he said. “Chuck Evans is the most brilliant player this college has ever fielded, and we have plenty of NFL stars among our former players.

“We expect great things from Chuck. You boys may not know this, but Chuck isn’t just a great player, he’s a great guy too! He is a brilliant student and will be graduating with a degree in engineering.

“He’s also very active in the community and works with at-risk kids, encouraging them to focus on sports. We’re very proud of Chuck!”

Just then, the President had to rush down to the field because the trophy was about to be handed to the team captain, and that, of course, was Chuck!

Chuck accepted the big silver cup and raised it high as streamers in the college’s colors rained down. He took the microphone. “Today,” he said. “Is a great day for this college and this team, and a great day for me.

“Standing here today with this cup in my hands was a dream I thought would NEVER come true. When I was seven years old, my mother passed away.

“Even though she was retired and frail, my grandmother Edith took me home and raised me. She told me that I could do anything I wanted, and when I told her I wanted to play football, she said I’d be a champion.

“She believed in me, she made me believe in myself. When I started playing high school football, she kept pushing me. I wasn’t the best, but she told me I could be.

“So I tried harder. I got a partial sports scholarship to college, so she got a job. Grandma Edith went back to work when most other retirees are moving to Florida to help me pay for college.

“She told me getting the degree was as important as playing football and so I studied hard. She told me I had to give back to the community, so I taught kids like me, who dreamed of playing football.

“She told me it wasn’t enough to be a great player, I had to be a great MAN, and so she made me one. Yesterday I signed with a major NFL team. My dream is in my hands, but I only got here because of a woman.

“A woman who has more strength, determination, and integrity than I could ever hope to own — my grandmother, Edith!”

Then Chuck raised the cup in the direction of the VIP box and cried, “Grandma Edith, come on down! This is for you!”

The President’s face drained of color as he saw the tiny woman in her print dress and straw hat walk onto the field on the respectful arm of the team’s coach.

The woman he had mocked and humiliated was greeted by a standing ovation, and the dozens of thousands of fans clapped, screamed, and stamped their feet.

The President humbly asked Chuck to introduce him to Edith, and he begged her forgiveness for his behavior, and the cruel things he’d said.

“That’s alright,” Edith said gently. “I could tell straight away that you are still learning to be a gentleman…”

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t judge people by their appearance. The President, the Mayor, and everyone else in the VIP box mocked Edith without knowing her value.
True worth is measured by the respect you show to the people around you. The President and the Mayor proved that, despite their positions, they had a lot to learn about real courtesy.

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