VIDEO: Boy Dies, Comes Back & Says Jesus Gave Him A Message For The World

In 1997, Landon Whitley was driving home from church with his parents in the back when tragedy struck. The fact that I couldn’t see what he was ranting at made it impossible for me to discern his target. I remember him yelling, even though I didn’t see the ambulance in the immediate area. At the time, that was the last word I got from him,” Landon’s mom Julie Kemp told Fox News. Her husband Andy is the “he” in question, and the ambulance she claims crashed with their car in a crosswalk.


Landon’s family’s car was hit head-on by an ambulance returning to its station when he was 8 years old. His father was instantly killed. Rescuers stabilized Julie, but they didn’t know that Landon was in the car with them. In addition, Julie explained, “Landon was sat behind his father, so they couldn’t see his body.” According to CBN, they began searching for a child’s body after finding Landon’s shoe.

Finally, Landon’s body was found, but he was unresponsive. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. In the span of one day, he lost his life twice. Each time, he was resurrected, but he wasn’t out of danger yet. He’d be like an 8-year-old baby if he survived, according to the doctors’ estimates. The brain damage meant that he couldn’t move, talk, or even eat. I was fine with that because I had no other option. I’d be happy just to have him in my life. The only thing I had was him.

While her son fought for his life, Julie had to say goodbye to her husband. It’s no secret that she felt abandoned by God during his funeral, and she’s not alone. When I heard the news, my heart sank and I was devastated. During the funeral, I’m berating God, saying, “I don’t know why this occurred.” She explained. The reason He didn’t send angels to protect us is beyond me. My prayers for Landon’s survival suddenly became more intense than they’d ever been.


While Landon was in a medically-induced state of convulsion following the accident, he opened his eyes two weeks after the incident, an answer to Julie’s prayers. Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t suffer any brain damage. Julie had to break the news to her kid that he had lost his father even as she rejoiced in the fact that he had regained consciousness. ” He had scars all over his face. Also, he was in agonizing pain in his brain. “And I didn’t want to hurt him any more,” Julie said. ” In order to find out where Landon’s father was, I asked him, “Landon, do you know?” He confirmed, ‘Yes, I know where he is.’ As soon as I said it, he smiled and nodded.

It’s possible that Landon missed some things up there, too. As well as siblings he didn’t even know he had, his family members were all there for him. He turned to face me and added, “Oh mum, by the way, I forgot to tell you.” What about your two younger siblings?’ inquired the stranger in the bar. Since I had no understanding what he was talking about, all I could do was gaze at him. However, I had two miscarriages before to the birth of Landon. “And he saw them in heaven,” Julie remarked. ” We hadn’t mentioned it to Landon. The fact that we had already lost two children was completely unknown to him.


Since the accident, Landon Whitley has continued to spread the message he says Jesus gave him in Heaven to others.

After all, “I knew they were my siblings even though no one had ever informed me about them,” Landon said. In Heaven, “you know who your own are, or who everyone else is.” “I believe just being in Heaven lets you know.” Landon said he had a different experience in paradise each time he died. It is claimed that he met Jesus and was given a mission during his third visit to the temple.

After a vision of Jesus, Landon was instructed by the Lord that he needed to return to earth in order to live a good Christian life and share his faith with others. Everything will be better in the end if people understand that Jesus is real, that there is a heaven, and that there are angels. If people do that, then they will obey Jesus’ commands and obey God’s Word.”

The experience of Landon and Julie, as Jesus commanded them that day, is now being used to aid others who are mourning and in need of hope. I know I’m doing it for Jesus,” Landon said. The presence of angels cannot be understated. “I know He’s the real deal.” Of course, there is a place called heaven, of which I am fully aware. I’ve actually seen Jesus. I’m confident that he’s in the area. What he has asked of me, and I’m following through with it, is this:

“In 1997, I was baffled as to why God had not sent an angel to help me. However, I have no doubt that angels were present. That’s why I have complete faith in God’s plan for our lives, and I know that we have been shielded from harm,” Julie said.
I used this story to encourage people not to give up and keep their faith during their grief journey instead of becoming mired in sadness or being angry with God, she continued. “It’s a fantastic joy to be able to witness my child teach people about Jesus,” Julie said. As a result, he is always ready to spread the word about God’s existence. For the simple reason that he’s been there before.


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