Time is Up, Rapture Dreams, Man Tells People Repent Sins and Jesus is Coming

Jay had a couple of really short rapture dreams over the last year and a half, and he felt a responsibility to share them.


The first one that he had last summer was very short. He was having a conversation with two guys, and all of a sudden he saw the clouds, and there was a shift in the sky and he remember being pulled just pulled like he had no control, he don’t know what happened to the other guys, but he was just pulled like a force was pulling him. Jay understood in that dream that like this is the end, that’s it time is up everything that he had done up until that point, that’s all the time that he had and the feeling that he got from that pulling that force, it was an uneasy feeling, as if he knew he was about to go to judgment, and you know we may feel like we’re ready but until that time comes we realize we’re not ready, and he started feeling and start thinking to myself, man, am I ready for the judgment, am I gonna be all right.


Then he woke up, but the feeling that he got behind that dream was that we need to do a self-evaluation, anything that’s not right in your life, any sin that you that you know that you’re doing, anything unforgiveness, any sexual immorality, any anything that’s in your life that you know is not pleasing to God, do what you need to do, to get rid of that sin in your life, to get rid of those issues of life, just like jesus said, it’d be better for you to enter to heaven with one eye than enter into hell with both eyes. If your one eye causes you to sin, plug it out, that’s how serious this is.
You can watch the video to hear the other two dreams.


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