Things you’ll understand if your grandma has always been your best friend

Grandmas are the best. Through their kind words and love, they are always able to guide us in the right direction when we are in need of advice.

They have a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share, not to mention, a lifetime of good recipes too.


If you are lucky enough to have granny in your life, you won’t be going hungry, that’s for sure!

From the most delicious comfort meals to the wisest advice around, there is always a good reason to stop in at Grandma’s house.

If your grandma is your best friend, we guarantee that you will be able to identify with many of the things on this list.

1. Grandma gives the warmest hugs!

Your grandma has always been there for you, through the good times and the bad. She is always waiting with a big hug when things go wrong and it will instantly make you feel better. When things go right, she’ll give you a big hug to celebrate too. Her hugs fill you up with so much joy.

2. She is an excellent teacher.

Grandma’s way of helping with studies and learning just feels so natural. Her teaching is driven by love and it is apparent in her voice when speaking. When she teaches things, the information is conveyed with a patient understanding that is worlds apart from anything that can take place in a classroom.

3. Grandma encourages you to be a better person.

Your grandma might not approve of everything you get up to, but that’s a good thing. It’s because she’s seen the upsides and downsides throughout her own life of engaging in certain behaviors. She presents a proven set of values to aspire to that she has adapted based on her own personal experience.

4. She has the sagest advice.

Her words of wisdom deserve to be heard and you would be very smart to listen. Pretty much any situation you can imagine, she has been through before. Sure, the actual specifics of the situation might be slightly different than yours, but that doesn’t change the general message behind the advice.


5. Grandma’s love is entirely pure.

There are no strings attached to her love. She offers it up unconditionally because that’s who she is. She lets you know that she loves you any chance that she gets, through her actions and her words. Grandma’s kindness is about as authentic as it can get.

5. Grandma’s love is entirely pure.

There are no strings attached to her love. She offers it up unconditionally because that’s who she is. She lets you know that she loves you any chance that she gets, through her actions and her words. Grandma’s kindness is about as authentic as it can get.

7. She keeps our sweet tooth very satisfied.

There is always some sore of tasty treat in the cabinet at Grandma’s house. Whether it is some freshly-baked cookies or a bag of potato chips and a soda pop, there is always some sort of snack to be had. She knows that the best way to cheer up an upset kid is through a full stomach.


8. Listening is one of her strongest skills.

Your grandma is always there to lend an ear when you need it. You can trust her with all of your secrets, hopes, dreams, problems, and everything in between. It feels so good to have someone actively giving you their 100% attention. She will never snitch on you to your parents either.

9. She isn’t too old to have fun and play.

Not only will she sit down and watch your favorite cartoons with you, but she will also play hide and seek, or take you to the movie theater. She is always willing to spend time with you. Every moment with Grandma is a precious memory to be cherished.

10. Her house is always warm and relaxing.

It’s a place where you don’t have to worry. You can feel comfortable there just hanging out and being yourself. Grandma knows how to make all of her guests feel welcome and she keeps her house incredibly cozy and inviting.

11. She makes you feel smart and appreciated.

She’ll never undermine you when you try and tell her interesting things that you learned recently. She knows enough to know better. It’s impossible to know everything and she understands that she can learn just as much from you as you can from her — for example, the secrets involved in operating new technology.

12. She inspires you to wake up early and seize the day.

We’ve all heard the saying that “the early riser gets the worm”. Your grandma has fully embraced this lifestyle habit. She knows the importance of keeping a reasonable bedtime hour and waking up with the sun. In her opinion, sleeping in is akin to letting the day go to waste. She makes a very convincing argument.

13. Grandma knows that life is meant to be lived.

If your grandma is your best friend, it’s likely that this little tidbit of knowledge is something you deeply understand. Your grandma knows first hand that time is limited, valuable, and not to be wasted. At the end of the day, what truly matters is family, friends, and the love that we share with one another. Every day we wake up alive is another opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Having a grandma in your life is one of the greatest blessings.

Grandmas love unconditionally, give with all of their heart, and are always there when we need them.

If your grandma is in your life still, count your lucky stars. You have been given one of the most incredible gifts!

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