Susan Boyle Earns The Golden Buzzer By Returning To ‘America’s Got Talent’ After A Decade

Susan Boyle became an instant sensation throughout the world after she appeared on the third series of “Britain’s Got Talent.” Although that introduction aired over a decade ago, Boyle has managed a level of staying power rarely seen by other TV stars. That performance of the Les Miserables classic “I Dreamed a Dream” has been seen millions of times, including by Simon Cowell who was amazed. Her overnight fame was very much deserved, and today, she has achieved a singular position as one of the most celebrated singers of our time.

Today, Boyle is a household name of sorts across the world, with her first audition in 2009 being lauded as one of the best moments of TV by many viewers. Boyle lives a comfortable life as a professional singer, with many of her records reaching top positions in charts and receiving a significant number of accolades for her music. She has also returned to the stage, taking part in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” in 2019.


Boyle showed that she is a true cultural phenomenon and came back to the spotlight as she performed in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” in which she executed an incredible performance before Simon Cowell and other judges. This was the first time she performed after being the second runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Boyle has become a superstar in her own right, and it is sometimes easy to forget where a relatively unknown singer who catapulted into stardom really started, but as seen in her comeback performance, Boyle is nothing short of spectacular each time she takes the stage.


Before her audition, Boyle was living alone and unemployed according to Good Housekeeping, and she was the true meaning of an underdog. After her audition which catapulted her to the top contenders of the show, the mild-mannered lady went on to sell more than 15 million records, gaining a lot of fame in the pop industry across the United States.

Nearly a decade later, the middle-aged Scottish native lady proved how ideal she was by performing Wild Horses, a soulful version of the Rolling Stones. Through this performance, Boyle went ahead to earn the coveted Golden Buzzer from Mel B because of her brilliant performance.

After the emotional moment in 2009, Entertainment Tonight met with Boyle one year later, after becoming a music sensation to discuss her transformation. During this time, Boyle received lots of music offers and media attention, which played a huge role in her success.

It is good to note although Boyle never won during her season in “Britain’s Got Talent,” the singer not only went ahead to sell more than 15 million records, but she also received two GRAMMY nominations. According to Boyle, her singing career, which was her dream since she was five years old, was the best way she honored her mum.

She also added that her mum was very supportive and would love to see her pursue her dream of becoming a sensational pop star. Before stepping on the stage, Boyle spoke up in a pre-taped package on how appearing on Britain’s Got Talent changed her life during “America’s Got Talent.” According to Boyle, many people saw her as an ordinary person, and she lived with her cat Pebbles. But after her first performance, everything changed, and she became a different person.

Boyle used the money she acquired through selling her records in doing philanthropic and charity acts. This made many people see her as a role model; thus, playing a significant role in the audience’s reaction when Boyle returned to “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” edition. Her performance showed that she deserves all the fame she has gotten thanks to her incredible voice.

Her fans’ love for her was clear from the moment she stepped on the stage as everyone burst into revelry and cheering, much to her appreciation and delight. As she gave her all as she sang “Wild Horses,” the audience was swept away by her sheer talent, as were the judges.

Boyle received a standing ovation and true adoration from everyone and after the great performance that earned her the Golden Buzzer, Boyle fell into tears due to the support she was receiving from the audience. The sweetest moment, however, was Simon Cowell walking up to her from his seat and approached her on the stage for a heartwarming embrace.

Not everyone can bring out the caring side of Cowell, who is known for his biting commentary, but Boyle is no ordinary person. Cowell’s reaction to her during her very first audition was one of dismissal and even some derision, but not only did Cowell come around after she finished singing, but has since fostered a warm relationship with Boyle.

Though she did not win the 2019 segment of “AGT,” she has continued to win hearts for her incredible voice. You can see her performance from 2019 below.


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