Students earn PE credit by doing yard work for elderly and those with disabilities

Every school should do this for their community!

The Alternative Learning Center in Iowa came up with a brilliant idea of helping their students and the community at the same time.

The Alternative Learning Center is a school for junior and senior high students who are at risk of dropping out of school.


To help students with their grades, the school offers them options from a pool of activities that will earn them credits in their physical education subject. What they are doing is legal since it is a part of the curriculum and they are only doing it during the last two weeks of school.

One of the many options is to volunteer in doing yard work for individuals who can’t do it by themselves like persons with disabilities and elderly people.

Tim Hizler, the man behind the bright idea.

He is a Social studies teacher at ALC and he started the inspiring project a couple of years ago. The thought of it came into his mind when they had experienced building their own garden.

The main idea of the program is not just to help students with grades but more about helping the people within the community who could no longer perform strenuous outdoor chores.


“The students and I and other students come out and help them. Could be raking leaves, pulling weeds, cutting grass, cleaning gutters – just depends on what they need,” he said.

Hizler also added that doing community service is their school’s only way to give back to the community. Apart from that, he believes that the program will also benefit the students in the long run.

“The students aren’t typically too excited at the beginning but once they get involved and start doing the yard work they become more motivated. What they really like is A: helping people. They really like giving back to people and meeting the person,” Hizler said.


He also told PEOPLE, “Once kids do it once, they wanna do it again. It’s good for them to learn real-life skills.”

In fact, a lot of schools all across the globe also use community service in getting students involved with the community.

It’s definitely good to have programs such as community service because it will not just make students involved with their communities but also make them realize their important role in society. After all, it is always better to have a well-functioning community, right?

Alternative Learning Center DBQ’s community service program is still active and they are continuing the habit of giving back to the community. They are keeping their students involved in activities like cleaning up people’s yards.

Apart from that, they also do other outdoor activities like swimming, visiting local businesses, fishing, and a whole bunch more.

In a recent Facebook post, they wrote: “Our students helped 13 people clean up their yard, moved 2 yards of much, cut four truck loads full of brush, and much much more. Once our students meet the people we serve and understand their needs, they get it.”

Kudos to the schools, students, and everyone behind this idea!

“‘Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth.’ -Muhammad Ali”

Watch the video below to know the real meaning of “community service”.

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