Siblings Separated after Parents’ Deaths Reunite 80 Years Later: ‘No One’s Taking You from Me Again’

Bill and his younger sister Beryl from Australia were placed in an orphanage when their dad died when Bill was 11 years old, as per Bill. He said that their father was killed on the Iron Crown submarine by an enemy torpedo.

The sibling’s mom had also died after spending little over two weeks in the hospital with illness. They were abandoned to a children’s home, where they were adopted by several families.


Bill told 2GB host Deborah Knight over the phone that he could recall the day the two were separated. He remembered that when they arrived at the orphanage, this nun called both of them into the room and said, they are going to be adopted and have to go.

They hugged each other and sobbed, praying that this was not their final hug. It turned out that it wasn’t, but Bill was adamant about not letting go the second time.


However, Bill admitted that he was on the verge of giving up after seeking for his sister for eight decades. At this time, the elderly guy was certain that if they ever found Beryl, she would not be alive.

His granddaughter Natalie, on the other hand, paid him a surprise visit one day. Bill soon found himself on the phone with his long-lost sister.

Bill stated that Beryl, who resides in Adelaide, had also been seeking for her brother. Sadly, the orphanage refused to provide them access to information, which hampered both of their inquiries.


The enthusiastic brother, who resides in Sydney, almost instantly boarded a ticket to Adelaide to see his sister, accompanied by a few keen family members who insisted on accompanying him. Put his arms over his little sister, had a bit of a tear, and he said ‘No one’s taking you away from me again,’ the elderly guy recalled.

Bill burst into tears, moved by the emotion of seeing his baby sister after 80 years. No nun or anyone else would be able to take Beryl away from him this time.

Deborah Knight sympathized with the caller, emphasizing how great she felt it was that he could and had ultimately reconnected with his sister.

The presenter had been crying, claiming she was so pleased for Bill for what she said was a time she couldn’t even start to comprehend.

Bill’s story about finding his long lost sister will have you in tears This was such a special moment on the show today… I dare you not to cry after listening to Bill’s story.

Posted by Afternoons with Deborah Knight on Thursday, 2 December 2021

After all these years, these two siblings can finally reconnect with one another. Lets hope, they will do all possible to compensate for the time that has been robbed from them.

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