Ruth Buzzi Recovering after Being ‘Bedridden and Incapacitated’ — Her Husband of 43 Years Is Helping Her Survive It

Actress and comedian Ruth Buzzi has graced our screen for many decades, but now the actress has retired far from holiday and enjoys life on 600-acre cattle and horse races. Buzzi keeps her followers laughing on social media, but her current health has hindered her in many ways.

Ruth Buzzi is an iconic actress famously known for her role as Aunt Minerva in Legends Of The Superheroes, along with a long list of films and TV shows. Buzi is also a comedian who entertains her Twitter followers with her witty perspective on life.


The actress grew up in Stonington between Connecticut and Rhode Island, on the opposite side of the country, but somehow, she and her husband Kent Perkins crossed paths.

Perkins is from Alexandria, Louisiana, and has german and English descendants. Perkins and Buzzi both worked in the film industry and on multiple projects.

Perkins has 21 acting credits under his belt; he wrote 1992’s To “Protect And Serve” and directed a sci-fi horror, “The Being,” starring Martin Landau and Marianne Gordon.

Buzz and Perkins married in December 1978; they share a deep love for each other and are happily married 43 years later.

The couple never had children, but Buzzi is not bothered by this; she even joked on Twitter and said, “I would have probably had kids, but my cat’s allergic.”


Buzzi decided to leave the show business and focus on her family life. The actress lived with her husband on a 600-acre cattle and horse ranch and said she sometimes lets fans into her property for a tour.


Buzzi is enjoying her ranch life and showing no signs of making the journey back to Hollywood.
Buzzi said she shows them around and lets them ride the horses. The actress’s love for people is evident she confirmed she enjoys sharing her life with people.

As many celebrities might be frightened by letting fans into their property, Buzzi acknowledged that she usually treats everyone without luring them into politics of who to vote for or advertise products. It’s all about the human connection for her.

As a person entertaining both on-screen and socially, it is difficult not to miss her on-screen; thus, Buzzi did not give a clear answer when asked if she should go back to acting.

Instead, the actress recalled when she was asked a similar question when she was retired, and she said, “Will if John Schneider were to call and beg, I might do a movie with him.”


Little did Buzzi know those words would turn into a manifestation because she ended up going back to acting and filming “One Month Out” with John Schneider. So maybe the actress will grace our screens again if the right person asks.

However, Buzzi is enjoying her ranch life and showing no signs of making the journey back to Hollywood. She does not even want to live in this decade; Buzzi said, “I’m going back to the ’70s; does anyone need anything?”


The funny and energetic Buzzi is currently facing health issues, as announced by her husband; she has suffered several strokes.

Perkins shared the sad news of his wife being “bedridden” and “incapacitated” on Facebook. However, he assured fans that the comedian was still responsive, still recognizes her friends and family, and sees the heartwarming messages from fans.

Despite the hardship that Buzz and her husband are facing, Perkins took the time to tell fans how grateful he is for his 43 years of life to share with his wife.

After so many decades, Perkins still calls Buzzi, her best friend, and even in her condition, her love for people still radiates. Those who have been touched by Buzzie’s work and found themselves laughing, Perkins said she is still overjoyed by the thought of making people smile.

Perkins also added that Buzzi is handling this difficult time with “bravery and humor,” but above all else, the actress is thankful for her fans and the support they have shown her throughout the years.

Buzzi’s husband ended the message with a positive and hopeful note. He wrote that whatever this situation might lead to, he will love his wife, and all the love she has given to her fans, friends, and family will give to her in return.

After two weeks of suffering multiple strokes, Buzzi gave an update on her health on Twitter, and in her true nature, she kept it all lighthearted. She wrote:

“Some people have strokes of luck; I had the other kind,”

However, the actress also thanked her fans for good wishes and proved she’s fighting through this with a picture of her smiling while holding her cat.


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