Richard Gere, who had a child at 70, is terrified of dying before he gets to watch his kids grow up

When you become a dad, you want to be a part of your child’s life for the rest of his or her life. But, life does not always provide you with all of these options. Richard Gere, a Hollywood icon, became a parent at an age when most individuals retire and enjoy life with their spouses. While he was looking forward to being a parent, he is now filled with real concern.

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Because of his age, the singer thinks he may miss out on being a part of his children’s lives. He fears he won’t be around long to nurture his kids and watch them grow into mature, self-sufficient individuals. According to a source, he is well aware that he is extremely old to be a dad. He can perform arithmetic, and it has made him acutely aware that his time is limited.

At the age of 69, Richard and Alejandra Silva welcomed their first child, Alexander, in 2019. They revealed the pregnancy over social media. The Dalai Lama himself blessed the kid in the womb, which was highly meaningful for the Buddhist pair. The inf ant was the couple’s first, however Gere has an 18-year-old son from his former marriage to Carey Lowell, and Silva has a six-year-old son from her prior marriage to Govind Friedland.



Gere was overjoyed to learn that he would be a parent for the second time. He was concerned, though. A source explained that Richard wanted to be certain that he had chosen the perfect lady before having another kid. When he found out they were expecting, he understood how tough it would be for him to raise a small child. He was so concerned about being gone from his child’s childhood that he contacted his spiritual teacher, the Dalai Lama.

According to the source, The Dalai Lama reminded him that he believed in rebirth as a Buddhist. He takes solace in the thought that if he dies before the kid reaches adulthood, he will return in some manner to experience him or her! That brought him some relief.


Gere is determined on becoming a decent dad after finding solace in the words of his advisor. He even said that he didn’t mind being an older father. He expressed a desire to be a “hands-on dad.”

Alejandra Silva INSTAGRAM

At the age of 70, the star welcomed his second child with Silva in April 2020. While that may all sound strange, Gere appears to have mastered his worries. He is living a private life with his wife and two children.

In April 2018, Gere wedded Silva in a fairy tale wedding. They’ve enjoyed a fantastic journey of passion and love since then. The actor is captivated by his lovely wife and has spoken about their loving connection.

Gere stated that he’s the happiest man on the planet. He is married to a lovely woman who is brilliant, compassionate, devoted to helping others, fun, patient, understands how to forgive, and cooks the finest salads in the world.

Furthermore, he feels Silva has given him the peace and stability he has been seeking following a string of unsuccessful relationships.

Silva, too, had wonderful things to say about her connection with Gere. The mother of three expressed that in real life, Richard has been her idol. She was a bit lost, without light, and meeting him made her life make sense. She felt like somebody was reaching out his hand and pointing her in the right direction.

She continued by saying she was “fortunate” to be his wife. She has  never encountered a more modest, caring, loving, attentive, hilarious, and giving man. She is  madly in love.  He doesn’t go a day without mentioning how important she is to him. She considers herself quite fortunate.

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