Police Issue Warning: If Someone Flashes Their High Beams At You, Drive Away Quickly

Over the weekend, I was talking to my wife about seat belts.


Sometimes people don’t like to wear them when they’re sitting in the back seat. But I prefer when people do. My reason? While I may be a decent driver, I cannot protect the passengers in my car from other people on the road who might be texting while driving or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Seat belts might not be perfect, but they certainly do help save lives. Buckle up, even when you’re in the back seat, and you’re increasing your chances of surviving a crash.

When it comes to other people on the road, we really don’t know who we’re dealing with. And now police have come forward to issue a terrifying warning. It comes after a victim in Rock Hill, South Carolina found herself in a terrible situation. Two men drove right in front of her and blasted their high beams at her. That’s when all hell broke loose.


The high beams blinded the woman. And the men left their car and started to pry her door open. Thankfully, the would-be victim was able to drive off and get to safety. But she was left horrified about what could have happened.

Because the woman is still afraid for her life, she wanted to share her message, but she didn’t want her identity to be known. A friend spoke to NBC Charlotte on her behalf.

“Someone turned on their high beams, and she looked up, and she can’t really see anything. She asked her identity to remain protected for her safety.”

The woman suspects that the would-be assailants are still on the lookout for her.

“And then of a sudden, she heard two men on both sides of her car, the passenger and the driver side. As she was pulling away, they were still trying to get in her car. They were wearing hoodies, and they had the hoodie part down past their eyes. Thankfully she locked her doors. It was just too close to home, and I wanted people to be aware.”

Thankfully the victim had her doors locked. If she had forgotten this simple safety trick, the men would have been in the car and all over her and her possessions. She still does not know if they were there for her car, her possessions, or something more valuable than all of that – her life.

“Who knows what would’ve happened if they had gotten her car and she didn’t lock the doors?” the friend said.

The woman did not call the police. But she told her friends about it and the Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department was horrified to hear this happened right under their nose.

They launched an investigation after the story went viral.

The police department learned that it was a real incident and shared the following update and warning to all Americans:

“Be careful in shopping areas not only at Christmas time but all year round. Her co-worker was the one who had this incident happen to her. I have spoken with the posting individual by phone, and we will get with Walmart and try to determine if we can identify the (assailant’s) car.”


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