Photographer captures family’s final moments hours before fatal crash that killed all five members

An Ohio photographer is reflecting on one of her most recent sessions after the family she photographed was killed in a car crash less than 12 hours after they had their first shoot.


“Though I did not know them well, I am devastated by this news, so I cannot imagine what their family and friends are going through.”

Rhae Harris, 45, owner of Rhae Rose Photography in Delta, Ohio, explained on her Facebook page that she had been in contact with Muriel Michael, 28, for some time about photographing the family of five. The two finally met on Saturday, March 26.

“The kids were just so well behaved and adorable, and the baby, Riggs, was the best one year old I’ve ever had! He was so happy, smiled on que, even said CHEEEEESSEEEEE a few times!!!”


Muriel, her fiancé, Xavier Brown, 25, took Easter themed photos with their one-year-old son Riggs Brown, and Muriel’s son and daughter, Aurora Michael‚ 7, and Deklin Jankowski, 9.

Rhae said you could tell how much the family loved each other because it showed through in their pictures.

She was excited to work with Muriel in the future as Muriel wanted to use Rhae for her engagement and wedding photos.


Sadly, Rhae would never get to work with the family again as shortly after their shoot, the family of five was involved in a fatal crash.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, Zane Hull, 21, failed to yield as he was heading eastbound on County Road H and hit Muriel’s vehicle who was driving south on County Road 14 in Clinton Township.

Xavier and Deklin died at the scene. Aurora and Riggs were flown to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, but they did not survive their injuries. Muriel was also flown to the hospital. She died Monday night.

The driver of the other vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with burial expenses for the family of five. In just one day more than $40,000 has been raised.

This is a reminder of just how precious life is. Never take anything for granted.

Please share and leave a prayer for this family’s loved ones.


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