Old Man is Kicked out of Jewelry Shop Until The Owner Sees Him on Camera and Begs to Come Back — Story of the Day

After checking his store’s security camera, a jewelry shop owner rushes to the aid of an older man who was kicked out of the store. While the shop staff dismissed the man as nobody, the owner recognized him as someone special from his past.


77-year-old Dominic Lancaster waited on the sidewalk for a while, considering whether his money would be enough to purchase the necklace he wanted. It was the last of his savings, and he needed the necklace at any cost.

Hoping that if the money fell short, he could persuade the shop staff for a discount, he took a deep breath and walked up to the high-end jewelry store across the street.

A woman named Lincy introduced herself as the shop assistant and welcomed him with a bright smile. “Good day, sir. How may I help you?” she asked.

“Uh, well,” Dominic pulled out his phone and showed her a picture of the necklace he wanted to buy. “I was looking for something in this design. Can I get something like this at your store?”

“Oh, of course, sir,” Lincy replied, smiling. “I must say, you have a keen eye for detail! We’re always ready to cater to our customer’s needs, and we also create personalized jewelry…You’ve come to the right place. Follow me…”

Lincy led Dominic to a counter and showed him the jewelry on display. After browsing through them, Dominic settled on a beautiful necklace that resembled the design he wanted to buy.

“This is one of our best-selling designs, sir,” Lincy said as she handed it to Dominic to have a better look. “It’s 18-carat pure gold, and the emerald stone it bears would look incredibly gorgeous on your someone special!”

“It’s gorgeous….” he thought as he held it in his hands. However, when he saw the price, his smile faded. He couldn’t afford it.

“I – I only have $600, but the price tag reads $800. Miss, this necklace matters a lot to me. Could you please consider giving me a discount?”

Lincy’s smile faded, and she removed the necklace from the counter. “We’re sorry, sir. We can’t,” she said bluntly. “You shouldn’t have come here in the first place if you didn’t have the money!”


“Oh, well, see, I know what I am asking is too much, but my wife—”

“If you’re done wasting our time, sir, please get out!” she ordered him, pointing her fingers at the door. “The exit’s right there! This is a high-end jewelry store and not a thrift store. Please, get out!”

“Thank you for believing in me when no one did. I will forever be grateful to you for that.”

“Miss, you don’t understand—”

“I do, sir. You’re the one who doesn’t understand. Don’t force me to call security on you. OUT!!” she repeated.

Dominic’s eyes welled up with tears but he brushed his tears away as he exited the store.

A few minutes later, the store owner, Jack Fisher, was sitting in his office, monitoring the store’s security cameras and drinking his coffee, when he saw what happened with Dominic.

“Is this for real? Is he….” He hurried outside the store and looked around for Dominic, who was fortunately still visible in the distance.

“Excuse me, sir!” Jack yelled as he dashed over to Dominic. “Please, Mr. Lancaster, stop! Please come back to the store, I beg you!”

As Dominic turned around and saw Jack, he instantly recognized the young man. “Oh my goodness, Jack, is that you? Oh, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”


“Sorry about how my staff treated you, Mr. Lancaster. I apologize on her behalf,” he said. “I own the jewelry store. I would have personally attended to you if I had known it was you….Anyway, it’s not too late. How about you come in and we show you better designs? Please, I insist.”

Dominic nodded, smiling through his tears. “Sure, thank you. After you….”

“Please pack the necklace for Mr. Lancaster,” he told Lincy as Dominic took a seat. “And please be careful in the future. We don’t employ people who disrespect our customers!”

“I appreciate that so much, Jack,” Dominic told him. “You don’t know how much this means to me! My wife….” he paused. “She was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and a month is all she has. I wanted to give this to her for our 50th wedding anniversary. She had been requesting it for a long time, but I kept putting it off.

“I sold my old car and dipped into my funds, but it still isn’t enough…” Dominic offered Jack all his money, but the young man refused it.

“I’m afraid I can’t take that from you, Mr. Lancaster. You were one of the most wonderful teachers I had, and you always encouraged me while other teachers thought I was good for nothing. It would be unfair if I didn’t help you now when you helped and taught me so much….”

But Dominic insisted and talked Jack into accepting his money. Then they went to a nearby cafe and talked for a while before Dominic proceeded home.

When Dominic presented the gift to his wife, Stella, she couldn’t contain her joy. “Oh, darling, you didn’t have to do this….”

“Happy anniversary, darling,” Dominic greeted her. “I hope you like the gift.”

Stella opened it and found a tissue wrapped around dollar bills inside the necklace box, along with a message scribbled on the tissue. She showed it to Dominic, and he realized it was from Jack. The note said:

“It was an honor to be your pupil, Mr. Lancaster. What I learned from you is more valuable to me than anything else. Thank you for believing in me when no one did. I will forever be grateful to you for that. Jack.”

“Oh, that boy! He has a very kind heart. Thank you very much, Jack. Thank you very much!” Dominic sighed, wiping the tears from his eyes.

What can we learn from this story?

The positive influence of a teacher can never be erased. Jack remembered how Mr. Lancaster had been a wonderful teacher who always believed in him. And so, the young man decided to repay him by stepping in to aid him.

A little kindness can make someone’s day and bring a smile to their face. Jack’s thoughtful act of assisting Dominic helped the older man see the beautiful smile on Stella’s face.


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