Mom Tell All Parents To Check Their Babies Toes

Babies are tiny creatures that seem to cry without pause. It isn’t unheard of for these little ones to cry without any triggers at all.


These youngsters in many cases simply crave acknowledgment from the humans that are around them. Moms and dads, however, are keenly aware of the fact that these sounds in many cases signify different things.

They may signify that something hurts. It’s a reality that babies call for nonstop supervision. They’re not able to speak at all.

People have to determine on their own whether babies require things.

This is the precise reason that mothers and fathers always have to see to it that they’re able to set aside a lot of energy for their infants.

It’s particularly critical to be able to set aside a lot of energy for newborns and toddlers. Mothers who have babies who were just born have to be in the loop with regard to something that’s called the “hair tourniquet syndrome.”

This refers to a typical issue that can be extremely perilous to kids.

Heather is the name of a mother who hails from Michigan. She’s attempting to tell parents all about the hazards of the previously mentioned syndrome.


She took it upon herself to present the public with her situation.

She wanted people to know about the situation that affected her innocent child.

She had no clue that something like this was even remotely possible. Her kid didn’t get sick.

Nothing of that sort took place at all.

The situation occurred when her little boy was merely two-weeks-old. His name is and was Jacob. Heather got the baby ready for nap time in his crib.

Once he was awake again, she realized that something just wasn’t correct.

Tommy, his father, assisted with the process of getting the baby set for sleep time. The couple was in a hurry due to the fact that they had to attend a social event that night.


Heather reveals that she gave Jacob to his doting dad. His dad was going to place his socks on his feet.

It dawned on Tommy that Jacob’s two little toes had taken on a strange bluish appearance. They were attached with locks of hair.

The parents attempted to fix the whole situation themselves.

There were locks of hair that were caught firmly into his toes.

They were swelling, too. Heather and Tommy grasped that Jacob had to arrive at a hospital without any delay at all.

Heather states that she brought her son to the emergency room at a nearby facility.

Five different physicians set aside 60 full minutes to attempting to extract his mom’s hair from his wee toes.

The physicians revealed to the parents that if Heather had failed to extract the majority of her hairpieces beforehand, amputation may have been the sole option.

Heather wants moms and dads to take note of this frightening possibility.

She wants them to assess their babies due to the possibility of this “syndrome” popping up. This is particularly vital for babies who are around people who have hair that’s on the lengthier side.

Heather indicates that parents should assess baby toes with a significant frequency no matter what.

Some women who are concerned about this possibility take action by adjusting their hairstyles. They sometimes get haircuts that are remarkably short.


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