Man meets girlfriend when she’s already pregnant –gets blasted online for taking on another man’s baby

Navigating a new relationship can be tricky but one man had the added issue of meeting the woman of his dreams but finding out she was already pregnant.


Caroline Oliveira, from Brazil, didn’t know she was pregnant when she met Edgar Costa. She was just excited to meet a man who shared the same values as her and wanted to build a family – little did she know that this would come sooner than expected.

She expressed how previous relationships had left her jaded and she had asked God to send her someone who would treat her well.

“Tired of being used and hurt by relationships that didn’t respect me or that didn’t give me hope and trust, I asked God to put in my life, a man who knew how to treat me like a woman; who respected me; who had the same goals as I want to build a family,” the realtor said, as per Brazilian publication Crescer.


She met Edgar, but little did she know she was meeting ‘the one.’

“And a week after meeting him, we decided to arrange a meeting. So, on that day, without my knowing it, I was meeting the love of my life…”, she said.

Edgar was surprised to learn that Caroline was pregnant and many would have understood if he wanted to end it but instead he made the decision to stay with Caroline and help her raise a child that wasn’t his.

The 27-year-old shared: “I met Carol, and by surprise, I learned that she was carrying a little package. Wow, what a scare! God, will I become a father like that?”

The love that was blossoming between the two meant that Edgar looked past Caroline’s pregnancy and saw a future with her, a future worth fighting for. “I just fell in love with someone who was pregnant,” Costa said.


Edgar was so happy to find Caroline and shared his good news online, having no idea the response he would get. “Unfortunately, in the midst of so many positive and supportive words, there were also negative comments. Most were men and I don’t understand why so much hate,” Carlos said.

Even friends and family warned Costa not to get involved with Caroline but none of it mattered compared to how he felt.

“It was all very natural and, when I saw it, I was already emotionally involved with that pregnancy and taking care of them, doing everything I could,” he added.

They planned to get married at the end of 2021 and were ecstatic when they welcomed baby Lara into the world. Costa expressed: “I am in love with these two women, and I will do everything in my power for them.”

Meanwhile, Caroline expressed how grateful she was to have Carlos by her side during her labor.

“Thank God I had this wonderful person by my side, helping me, motivating me, supporting me in every minute of this moment. If I didn’t have him there it would certainly have been more difficult to go through everything alone.

“He thanks me for having let him participate in the birth, but
I am extremely grateful that he accepted and stayed with me in this moment.”

I think this couple’s story is beautiful and I see nothing wrong with Carlos taking on another man’s child and supporting Caroline, it shows bravery, courage and most importantly shows us what unconditional love looks like.

I wish them a happy and healthy future.


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