Loving Michigan Dad Never Lets Daughter Leave without a Fresh Rose He Grows with Own Hands

The bond between a father and daughter is a love unlike any other—one dad from Michigan proved this. He adores his precious child and never lets her leave his home without giving her something special, so she knows how much she means to him.


Steve Adams is the type of father every little girl dreams about. The 55-year-old prioritizes his family and ensures his daughter, Cassi Adams, feels his love for her.

The doting dad is passionate about gardening, cultivating various blooms in his garden. He also enjoys spreading joy through his hobby.

The Loving Father
One of the lucky recipients of Steve’s kindness is Cassi. He gives her a rose whenever possible to brighten her day and make her smile. On Cassi’s wedding day, the proud dad, described as “goofy,” “funny,” and “sensitive” in a manly way, presented her with a stunning white rose.

It was the first time he saw her in her wedding dress, and the tearful memory was something they would treasure forever. However, that wasn’t the moment that left many netizens emotional.

The Heartwarming Clip
It was a clip posted online that gained Steve widespread attention. His daughter shared the short yet touching scene in June 2020. A text overlay explained what had transpired throughout the sweet 13 seconds. It read:

“When your dad never lets you leave the house without fresh roses from his garden.”

Accompanied by an equally moving song, the moment was priceless. Cassi lives an hour’s drive away from her dad, but they still share an unbreakable bond.


A Display of His Love for Her
The daughter explained that she had just spent a wonderful day on the lake with her dad, and as they were saying their goodbyes, he rushed to her car window carrying something special in his hand.

It was a freshly cut red rose from his garden. He handed it to her before blowing one final kiss. Cassi noted that her dad regularly gave her roses wrapped in a paper towel and sealed with aluminum foil to ensure she made the trip home.

Steve showed Cassi what a respectable and loving man looked like every day through his actions and kindness. This led her to share a word of advice with others who were looking for a partner.

She Was Blessed
The duo’s relationship garnered positive response from thousands of users. People were in awe of the father, and one netizen commented:

“It’s amazing that you have a father who does that, that there is a man that does that.”

However, to Cassi, Steve was simply the man she had known to be loving and kind all her life. She shared that he had a tender heart and cared deeply for everyone he loved.


Cassi’s Words of Wisdom
Cassi had no problem sharing that she was daddy’s little girl. Not only did Steve support her through school, but he also encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit. He helped her start a business, and their relationship has soared over the years.

Steve showed Cassi what a respectable and loving man looked like every day through his actions and kindness. This led her to share a word of advice with others who were looking for a partner:

“Ask yourself if this man is worthy to be a father to your children, and would you be happy if you had a son who came out exactly like this man because we need more strong father figures in the world.”

The Online Reaction
Netizens praised Cassi’s dad and highlighted how special their relationship was. Many people also shared heartbreaking stories and their desire to have a father like Steve:

“Well, now I’m crying. I wish my dad could be like this. I love this so much.”

– (@Angee) July 7, 2020

“Treasure him at all costs. I wish I had a relationship with mine. He doesn’t even bother with a call.”

– (@SWTFRESITA) July 7, 2020

“You literally have the best dad in the world. I wish I had one.”

– (@alyssawalker202222) July 11, 2020

“I miss my dad so much! CHERISHED MOMENTS and how beautiful you have it on video.”

– (@Stevie) July 10, 2020

Cassi was touched by the online comments and admitted many of them made her sad, seeing that her dad’s unconditional love and care were “so normal” in her eyes, but it was rare to the rest of the world.

The world undoubtedly needs more good men like Steve. If people followed his example, our communities would be filled with many more moments of joy and love instead of heartbreak and disappointment. Thank you for giving us hope for a brighter tomorrow, Steve.

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