Lively 93-year-old is spending her entire retirement on a cruise ship

Mama Lee chose to cruise through her retirement and it has been smooth sailing ever since. For 12 years and counting.


What’s your retirement plan?


If you’re still young, you’re probably not thinking about any retirement plan for now. You should probably do so, by the way.

But if you’re one of the few who are nearing retirement age, life after all the toil and hard work can be your most awaited reward.

Others want something simple.

Like building a lovely retirement home in the country.


It’d be nice to have a small and quiet place all by yourself or with your spouse, facing a beautiful garden. It will be perfect if it has a nice view.

Some would prefer a retirement home.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have huge savings and is prepared for retirement.

If not for a care home, they stay with their children, which is not that bad. At least you get to watch your grandchildren grow.

On rare occasions, some retire into a life of luxury.

That’s what Mama Lee did.


Lee Wachtstetter, also known as Mama Lee, has become famous for paying around $164,000 a year for her retirement. And you wouldn’t guess where she is retiring.


She lives in a cabin on Crystal Serenity.

You got that right, in a cruise ship.


She keeps her promises.

She and her husband, Mason, used to go on cruises. They’ve been to 89 cruises in their 50-year marriage. And before her husband died, he had one wish for her: to never stop cruising.

Mama Lee honored that promise to her delight and never stopped cruising.


She started going on cruises a week after Mason died.

After a few years, she grew tired of going on and off the ship, packing and unpacking her clothes. So, she thought of living on a cruise ship and started doing so in 2008.


She’s never been off Crystal Serenity since.


She loves being on board because she doesn’t need to worry about a thing. All the chores are being taken care of, and she just gets on with her day.

The crew says she loves dancing.

She’s been to more than a hundred cruises already, and she said she just stopped counting.


Mama Lee has already reached the point that she doesn’t go down the port anymore. If the ship stops at a country or city she’s been to already, she just stays in the boat.

She loves the quiet when all the other cruisers are off touring.

She only goes to shop sometimes.


She specifically loves the Grand Bazaar to buy some clothes she can wear on board.

The glitzy and regal outfits always pull her in because they’re perfect for any occasion, be they formal or casual. And they’re perfect for when she goes dancing.

Mama Lee has no regrets.


She said that her daughter and most of her friends in Fort Lauderdale had long been dead, her grandchildren already have their own children, and she just doesn’t want to spend her remaining days like that.

For Mama Lee, her retirement was meant to cruise and sail smoothly.

Get a glimpse at her lavish lifestyle in the video below!

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