Little Girl Celebrating Her Birthday Alone Sees Ten Tall Men on Her Doorstep — Story of the Day

Mia’s mother, Lucia, organized a party for her tenth birthday, but the poor girl was crushed when nobody came. So Lucia did something extraordinary, making ten tall men unexpectedly show up at their door.

“Honey, don’t worry. People will get here soon enough,” Lucia assured her daughter, Mia, who was waiting around their living room. The entire place was decorated with balloons, streamers, and basketball paraphernalia because that was Mia’s favorite sport. She was also on the basketball team at school, and she was excited for her teammates to come to celebrate her birthday.

Her invitation was at 2 p.m. and no one had arrived by 3 p.m. so Mia was worried. But Lucia tried to keep a smile on her face and reassured her daughter that people would come, though she had her doubts too.

Most of the people she invited lived nearby their area in Chicago, and it didn’t make sense that no one had shown up yet. These were ten-year-old kids, after all, not teenagers or adults who believed in the term “fashionably late.”

“Mom! Finally, someone arrived!” Mia cheered, and Lucia looked at her with a half-grin, knowing that wasn’t true.
“Are you sure, Mom? We’ve been waiting a long time,” Mia pursed her lips at her mother.

“I’m sure, honey. Everything will be great, and you’re going to have such a fun time,” Lucia assured her, her smile plastered despite her heart’s worries.

An hour later, Mia watched a basketball game on her iPad while Lucia pulled back the curtains and looked outside. No one was coming. She knew that now, and looking at her daughter’s defeated expression as she focused on the small screen, Lucia realized her little girl knew it too.

“I’m going to call some of the moms, sweetheart. Maybe they didn’t get the right address,” Lucia stated, grabbing her phone.

Mia looked at her mother with sad eyes and shook her head. “No, Mom. They’re not coming. It’s okay,” she shrugged her shoulders and focused back on the screen.

Lucia wanted to cry. Her daughter was a good kid. She didn’t deserve this. Why didn’t her friends come? It wasn’t fair. “I’m still going to make some calls. I’ll be in my room. Call me if anyone arrives,” she said, and Mia nodded absentmindedly.

In her bedroom, Lucia made some calls to the few mothers she knew on the basketball team. All of them gave her stupid excuses, brushing Lucia off and hanging up quickly.

Lucia was on the verge of tears at this point, and it seemed hopeless. Mia was mature enough to act like nothing was wrong, but she knew her kid. She knew she would be devastated and wondered what she could do to cheer her up.

Finally, she called her husband, Otis, who had to work that day and planned to arrive at the party later. She told him everything, and they decided to take Mia to her favorite pizza place that night to cheer her up. They could still open presents and have a lovely birthday with family only.

Still, Lucia felt impotent when she hung up on Otis. She needed to vent, to rant. So she pulled up Facebook and wrote a long post emphasizing that Mia was such a good kid and people should’ve called earlier if they couldn’t come. She ended her publication with her address, inviting anyone just so the snacks and drinks she bought wouldn’t go to waste.

When Otis arrived, he gave Mia a new basketball to try to make up for this fiasco. They were about to leave for the restaurant when their doorbell rang.

“Mom! Finally, someone arrived!” Mia cheered, and Lucia looked at her with a half-grin, knowing that wasn’t true.

She opened the door, and her jaw dropped open. Ten tall and fit men were standing outside, and she called her husband in a bit of a panic. “Can I help you, gentlemen?”

The tallest of them answered, “We’re here for the party!” The rest cheered.

Lucia looked at Otis in complete shock, and Mia finally came to the door. “Oh my god! You guys play basketball!”

Otis and Lucia looked at their daughter in surprise. Apparently, the men outside were part of an unofficial team that was famous in their local town. They were not pros, but they were big enough that Mia followed them on social media, and she was delighted to see them.

“Hey, Mia! We heard it’s your birthday, and we’re wondering if you want to play with us!” another one of the men asked her. Naturally, the kid nodded enthusiastically. The men asked Mia’s parents’ permission to go to the local court right down the street, and Lucia agreed, still astonished by the whole thing.

They all went to the court and started playing while Lucia and Otis sat on the bleachers and watched. One of the players finally sat with them and introduced himself.

“I’m Connor. I saw your post on Facebook, and I also noticed that your daughter commented on several of our pictures. So I asked the guys, and we came as quickly as we could. Every kid should have an amazing birthday.”

Lucia’s eyes watered, and she patted the man’s shoulder. “Thank you. Thank you so much. This probably means more to her than a normal party. She loves basketball so much,” she said emotionally to the kind stranger who had made her daughter’s day so special.

Connor nodded at her with a kind smile and went back to play.

Lucia brought snacks and drinks to the court for everyone to enjoy. She also brought the birthday cake and the team sang for Mia.

“This is my best birthday EVER!” Mia cheered, clapping and jumping while Lucia cut everyone a piece. In the end, that was all that mattered. Lucia couldn’t have been happier.

That week at school, Mia’s teammates and classmates apologized for not coming. All of them thought that a house party would be boring, so they all planned not to attend on purpose. They told their moms to make up some excuse if anyone asked. But they saw her Instagram, which showed pictures of Mia playing basketball with the tall men, and they regretted their actions immediately. Mia never had to spend a birthday alone again.

What can we learn from this story?

A Facebook post can inspire people to do good things. Social media has changed so much, and we’ve seen it repeatedly as posts go viral, changing people’s lives overnight. Mia had a great birthday because her mother decided to write about it online.
Always call the hosts to let them know if you can’t come to an event. While a ten-year-old kid’s party doesn’t strictly require RSVP, it’s always polite to call, so they don’t waste their time and money.
Share this story with your friends. It might brighten their day and inspire them.

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