Lifeguards Go Above And Beyond To Make Senior’s Beach Trip The Best Day Ever

Going to the beach is one of the best ways to relax. The calming sound of the waves on the shore, the laughing kids as they run by the beach, and the breeze that seems to carry all your worries away make this place such a lovely spot to go to.Sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy going to the beach.

Some people such as persons with disabilities and the elderly find it very difficult to soak in the summer heat and enjoy being at the beach.Traveling on the sand can be tough for the elderly, especially for 95-year-old Dorothy “Dottie” Schneider.The old woman had to stay in a wheelchair which makes it very hard for her to navigate along the beach of Orange County. Alabama.


Amazingly, what could have been a very stressful visit to the beach turned out to be a moment that inspired many. As it turned out, a group of lifeguards found out about Dottie and her struggle to have a relaxing day at the beach.


They did not let the old woman go to the beach in a wheelchair because that would be brutal to her condition. Instead, the kind men and women from the Orange Beach Surf Rescue carried the senior citizen to where she wanted to be.

“Luckily, the lifeguards have all-terrain vehicles,” says Beach Safety Division Chief Brett Lesinger. “They can pull up next to people and easily scoop them up and move them around. So, as long as there are lifeguards present, that is a service we like to provide.”

This advantage was put to even better use because they made helping elderly people such as Dottie possible.


Each day during her vacation, the lifeguards scooped the old woman up and brought her to where she wanted to stay on the beach. What a sweet gesture, right?

Photos of their acts of kindness were taken by Dottie’s family and shared on the rescue team’s Facebook page.The rescue team carrying Dottie around was not the end of their kind gesture. They also checked on her throughout the day and saw to it that she was fine and that she was given support whenever she needed it.

“She definitely kind of got close with a few of our lifeguards,” says Chief Brett. “It was sad on the final day when they parted. I think a few the lifeguards may have shed a tear.”

When asked if Dottie still wants to go back to Alabama, her smile was definitely bright and positive.

These men and women of the rescue team have done such an inspiring thing. Their concern and compassion for people like Dottie have inspired a lot of people who have heard of their story.

The best thing about this is that knowing that being disabled or limited because of age can be seen as not a hindrance anymore in enjoying what life can offer. It is reassuring to know that there are good people out there to save the day.

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