Jewish Couple Married For 91 Yrs With 64 Grandchildren Are Still Deeply in Love | “This Is My First And Last Woman”

Love in old age has a valuable and one-of-a-kind quality to it. In today’s environment, finding an individual who will honestly and totally love you is a “dream.” People like Zechariah and Shama’a, on the other hand, instill newer sentiments of affection and loyalty in us and always reassure us that even if you lose all, love will eventually take you back to where you should be, which is a place of complete joy and wealth.

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This is the story of Zechariah and Shama’a, who wedded at the ages of 12 and 10, respectively. Because they were both orphans, they were obliged to marry young in Yemen, where it was usual to do so in order to retain Jewish community membership. These abandoned youngsters had lost everything before meeting, and they’ve since spent their whole lives supporting one another. They have faced poverty, persecution, and other difficulties together, but they have come a long way since their humble beginnings.


However, the young people’s lives were challenging: They didn’t lick honey in life. They suffered, Shama’a said. The newlyweds were deserted and compelled to live in poverty, cleaning out a donkey barn where they slept. Recall, this was his first and only marriage. And she never threw her out, Zechariah stated. However, when they were in their mid-to-late twenties, the two managed to move to Israel to evade Jewish persecution. They planned to have 11 kids and now have 64 grandkids and great-grandchildren.

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The centenarians believe the key to their happy marriage is simple: God had sent her to him; he was fortunate to get her, Zechariah stated. Shama’a says that they were delighted to spend their lives together “without fighting.” It’s hard to believe that these abandoned kids, who were married as young kids and lived in such deplorable circumstances, were able to build a life together and overcome their difficulties. God protected them all the way, Zechariah said.

The couple’s poignant story has gone viral on Instagram, receiving several likes and comments. “I couldn’t handle mine for 91 days in 91 years,” one social media user said.

According to another user, “The real love! A pair that truly loves each other is stronger than anything in the world; it is beyond our comprehension!”

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