Indiana Teen Flips over 5 Times in Speeding Car, Claims Jesus Saved Him from Death

An Indiana teen was in the passenger seat while his friend drove the car when a bump suddenly made the driver lose control. Moments later, the teen struggled to push himself out of the totaled car that had flipped over five times.


Glossy car bodies, shiny rims, and clean leather interiors always fascinated Jaydon Ray. While still a teenager, the Indiana boy turned his passion into his profession by starting a car detailing business.

His friends and family were aware of his love for cars. Ray knew how to give vehicles the perfect makeover, whether an SUV or a hatchback. However, the teenager had no idea that the thing he loved the most would change his life forever.

The Car Enthusiast

It was just another day for Ray, his cousin, and his friend as they worked on a red sedan in August 2021. After fixing everything in the vehicle, the boys decided to take it for a spin.

Ray sat in the passenger seat, his cousin in the backseat, while his friend took the wheel. The three boys were headed toward the north of Sweetser in rural Indiana, unaware the driver would soon lose control of the vehicle.


While driving on a bumpy road, Ray’s friend pushed the accelerator before their car went over a bump and hit a pole. Then, the red sedan rolled over five times before coming to a halt in a nearby yard.

Still Conscious

Ray, who was supposed to return to his workshop, was now struggling to get out of the totaled vehicle. While trying not to close his eyes, he landed on the grass and somehow managed to pull his cousin from the backseat.

However, Ray couldn’t help his friend get out of the driver’s seat. Feeling weak, he laid down on the ground, probably hoping someone would soon rescue them. Ray recalled:

“I thought I was dead.”

Call For Help

Soon, a few family members found the boys and immediately called the fire department for help. Meanwhile, Ray’s mother, Amber Lavengood, a trained nurse, received the shocking news of her son’s accident.

After learning about the accident, Lavengood expected her son would be seriously injured and believed prayers would help him heal. Before going to the accident site, she called her mother and said:

“Mom, please pray, not my baby.”

The Worried Mother

When Lavengood arrived at the accident site, she saw Ray lying on the ground while the firefighters tried to pull out his friend from the wrecked car. She immediately rushed toward her son and checked if he had any serious injuries.


His mother thought what happened was “unbelievable.”

“I’m okay. Jesus saved me,” Ray said. He told her only his back and neck hurt, but the nurse in Lavengood felt his arm was injured. She waited for the firefighters to take him to the nearest hospital.

Inside the Hospital

While the doctors ran multiple tests on Ray in the hospital, Lavengood believed the results would reveal her son had numerous injuries. Meanwhile, she learned that Ray’s friend and cousin suffered broken bones.

When Ray’s test results arrived, the doctors were shocked. Despite getting into a horrifying accident, the teenager had zero injuries except for some minor scratches on his arm.

The doctors sent Ray home the same night, while his mother thought what happened was “unbelievable.” Two weeks later, the teenager recovered and returned to his everyday life. His friend and cousin also recovered fully.

Ray could have lost his life just a few days before his 18th birthday, but he miraculously survived. The incident left a lasting impact on his life and brought him closer to God. He confessed that he had started praying more often.

The Comments

While Ray and his family felt his survival was unreal, netizens were also shocked after learning about the incident. Here are some of the comments from The Epoch Times’ Facebook post:

“Wow! You’re so lucky.”
― (@Rachael Cammie Angie) September 29, 2022

“All three were lucky to have survived!”
― (@Cheryl Parks) September 28, 2022

“Been there before. I am glad the young man is okay. Prayers for him and his family.”
― (@Julian Campbell) September 27, 2022

Ray’s story teaches us to believe in the power of miracles because he survived with minor injuries after his car flipped over five times. He could have lost his life, but fate had other plans.

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