Incredible Human Who Raised His Sister From Time She Was 5 Helped Her Fight Brain Cancer

The bond between siblings is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Sure, there are years of bickering and maybe some real arguments here and there, but it’s a special bond that nothing compares to.

A story featured on Humans of New York

 highlighted a beautiful relationship between a brother and sister. Anthony was raised by his grandparents as his mother struggled with addiction. His grandparents helped keep him from the uglier side of his mom’s addiction, which he saw up close for the first time at 14 years old. His mother, 40 at the time, was doing heroin as frequently as 10 times a day.

Just a few months after he learned his mother’s truth, he got a call from her announcing she was pregnant. His little sister, Gianna, was born in August 1999. His mom sobered up and moved down the street with Gianna, allowing him to have a relationship with them both.


Sadly, his mother eventually relapsed, leaving Ant to raise Gianna from the time she was about 5 years old. He took it on, and the two had a beautifully close relationship. Things were wonderful until she started having health issues. At 10 years old, Gianna was diagnosed with brain cancer.


Gianna was scared at first but quickly set herself to take it in stride and be strong. Two years later, she received a clean bill of health. Things were good for a few years, though the siblings continued to carry the weight of a complicated relationship with their mother, who was in and out of their lives.

In 2019, Gianna woke up and found she couldn’t move. Anthony her rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed emergency brain surgery. They found a rare form of brain cancer and gave her a nine-month life expectancy. She died just after her 21st birthday, leaving an immense empty space in Anthony’s life.

Anthony talked to The Doctors about struggling with losing his sister.

“My life has been so different without her in so many ways, from the regular stuff to just being a caretaker, to just … ,” he paused.

“The things I miss the most are the little things at home, her messing with me.”


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