‘Everybody Loves Raymond’s’ Patricia Heaton Has Been Happily Married for More than 30 Years & Has 4 Kids

Patricia Heaton and David Hunt’s love story is one that endured challenges and success since 1990, including an alleged case of inappropriate touching. The couple raised four children who have not shown interest in following their parents in the entertainment industry.


Before becoming the critically acclaimed star she is today, Patricia Heaton worked different jobs, such as becoming a proofreader and waitress, to make ends meet. During that time, she met David Hunt, an aspiring actor about to leave Manhattan.

It didn’t take long for the two to realize they were destined to be with each other. Soon, they moved to Los Angeles and tied the knot in 1990. The next three years of the couple’s life focused on them until welcoming Samuel in 1993. Following Samuel were their younger kids, John, Joseph, and Daniel.


Admittedly, growing their career while taking care of the kids was no easy feat, but Heaton and Hunt made it work as partners. In addition, their marriage thrived. Almost three decades later, things are still the same – and many can attest to that. Sharing about their experiences, Heaton said:

“It’s tough to be with one person for the rest of your life. When you both grow at different rates and in different directi ons. You have to figure out how to grow differently ‘together.'”


The actress also shared that while marriage is a beautiful thing, it takes a lot of work, like her professional career. Like any other couple, Heaton and Hunt have their fair share of troubles. But one thing that permanently binds them together is their family.


Born Samuel David Hunt on September 1, 1993, the couple’s eldest child grew up away from the spotlight. Unlike other celebrity couples’ kids, he has not shown interest in pursuing a career in show business.

Two female employees, who quit their jobs, alleged that he inappropriately touched them, including an incident where he placed his hand on one of their thighs.
However, Samuel has supported his mom’s work, appearing in a few events, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It seems that Samuel is on the creative side of life, as projected by his Instagram profile.


Heaton became a mom-of-two with the arrival of John Basil Hunt on May 15, 1995. Like his brother, John does not enjoy making his life public.

Nevertheless, bits and pieces of his life are seen through Heaton’s Instagram profile. Once, “The Middle” actress shared an old family photo with all her children for Father’s Day, and of course, John was there. She captioned the post:

“Dads are everything. Happy Father’s Day to this guy from all of us!”


Heaton’s third child, Joseph Charles Hunt, is the most open to the public of all the kids. He has appeared alongside his mother in many red carpet events and keeps an active Instagram account.

Joseph isn’t shy to flaunt his life to the public, often showing photos of his travels and adventures with friends. With how comfortable he is in the spotlight, becoming an entertainer seems possible with Joseph.

According to his Instagram profile, Joseph is a producer and a drummer. He is also also quite the actistic one with the way he snaps photos.


Daniel Patrick Hunt, born on January 20, 1999, is the youngest of all the kids. He has been comfortable with his family’s fame and made public appearances alongside his mom during red carpet events, including the IMF 11th Annual Comedy Celebration.

While raising the boys, Heaton starred in one of her most famous shows, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” where she brought the character Debra Barone to life. However, her children have yet to see the series.

Although they had time to preview their mother during the lockdown, they binged on “The Sopranos” and “Veep” instead. “We watched ‘The Sopranos,’ the whole series, and all of ‘Veep,'” she said. “So Julia Louis-Dreyfus got all of my sons’ attention.”


However, “The Middle” alum said that it was a must for her kids to watch the show. During a previous interview, the proud mom said:

“I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of ‘Raymond.’ It’s going to be the longest funeral in recorded history, and they are going to watch it, damn it.”

Admittedly, Heaton’s boys aren’t big fans of the sitcom. Nevertheless, the family bonds through watching shows together, including game shows. “Every night, like clockwork, we watch ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune,'” she shared. “They’re surprised I know so many of the answers.”


Heaton and Hunt raised their kids in a cozy home in the Hancock Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. Their residence stood at 8,500 square feet and was once the home of Merritt Adamson and Whoda Rindge Adamson, known for their Mediterranean-themed Malibu home, registered as a historic place.

“We walked in and could tell that here was a piece of property that was more than just a home,” Heaton recalled of purchasing the house. “It was a piece of LA history. We could really see living there for a long time.”

Aside from its beauty, the family sought comfort in the house that became home. Not only did they spend cherished moments there, but they also overcame complex challenges, including Hunt’s 2019 scandal.


A few years back, Hunt was accused of sexual misconduct while working as a producer of “Carole’s Second Act.” Two female employees, who quit their jobs, alleged that he inappropriately touched them, including an incident where he placed his hand on one of their thighs.

Hunt reportedly hugged the female employee twice and complimented her pants while running his hand up her thigh. Naturally, the incident made her feel uncomfortable and violated.

Although the women reported it to Human Resources, not much was done. In fact, they were prevented from attending some rehearsals, making it difficult to do their job correctly. Meanwhile, Hunt’s lawyer said that the producer couldn’t recall such incidents.

Not much is known about how the husband and wife handled the issue. However, given their long-standing marriage and current situation, it seems that they got through it together.


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