Dad’s Response To Two-Year-Old’s Temper Tantrum Wins The Internet

Realistically, there is nothing easy about parenting. Long nights, sick days, and the dreaded temper tantrums are just a part of daily life that parents must learn to deal with. While we know that these are aspects of raising a child that are inevitable and will eventually have to deal with, we are still shocked when they occur.

Developing a plan of action to handle these challenging parts of parents can be tricky. Sure, parenting books, classes, and blogs can provide some sort of guidance. Yet, oftentimes, we are left to our own devices. One dad showed us how clever he could be when he was forced to deal with his two-year-old’s temper tantrum in their driveway in a video from 2018.


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While some parents may feel the rage and upset over a temper tantrum and resort to yelling or anger, others prefer to handle these instances with a calmer approach. In a 2018 clip of a Canadian dad dealing with his two-year-old throwing a tantrum in their driving, the cool nature that he handles it with is admirable. Serving the perfect example of a level-headed parent, the dad was attempting to bring groceries into the house from the car when he realized his child did not have the same plan.


Reacting to the Unexpected

At first, he seems a bit stunned at the tot’s choice to lie down on the cement in their driveway. We will admit, seeing a little tyke bundled up in a coat and thick pants protesting on the ground beside an open car door is a bit comical. However, we are guessing that dad did not find it to be so. Upon noticing his child’s reaction, the dad continues to bring in groceries and simply ignore the display. However, when the duo needed to go inside the house for good, the dad reacts in a way we never expected. He hoists the child up like a sack of groceries, while carrying grocery bags in his opposite hand, and proceeds to carry her into the house.


Similar Reactions to Being Carried Inside

Although we assumed the child would scream or cry in protest for not getting their way, the child simply did not acknowledge the dad’s act of carrying her inside. The clip is so comical. Neither one appears to be giving into the other, at all. As it turns out, the daughter acts like this quite frequently. So, it appears dad has had quite a bit of experience in handling an ornery and disgruntled toddler. Still, we must give him a shout out to the level of peace and calmness he showed during a situation where tensions usually run high.

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