Broken Mom Dies Just a Few Hours after Learning Her 5-Month-Old Son Has Passed Away

When a new mom’s five-month-old baby suddenly fell sick past midnight, she rushed him to the hospital with her partner. Later that day, she breathed her last in the same hospital hours after learning her son was no more.


Becoming parents for the first time is a joyful feeling that most couples yearn to experience. They wish to hold a mini-version of themselves and are willing to go the extra mile to protect their little ones.

As a parent, a person’s worst nightmare is seeing their child in pain. The couple in today’s story was in the same boat when their baby suddenly fell sick. They expected their son to recover soon, but fate had other plans.

A Happy Family

Viktorija Mardosiene moved to North Staffordshire in 2020, where she lived with her partner. Before then, in 2016, Mardosiene had moved to England from her home country, Lithuania, leaving her 12-year-old daughter behind.

Mardosiene started a new life in her Newcastle home, where she welcomed her son, Kevin Dugutis, at the beginning of 2022. She was living a perfect life with her partner until the day her son suddenly fell sick.

Sounds of sirens echoed near Mardosiene’s home at 12:42 a.m. on August 9 as two ambulances approached her house. She had called for help after Kevin’s health suddenly deteriorated post his bedtime meal.

An Emergency

The first responders said Kevin was in “critical condition” when they arrived at Mardosiene’s house. They provided him with “advanced life support” at his residence and on their way to the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

They weren’t ready to deal with the pain of losing two family members a few hours apart.


Meanwhile, Mardosiene and her partner prayed for their little one’s health. They felt terrible watching him in pain and eagerly waited for the doctors to tell them what had happened to Kevin.

The Unexpected Death

Unfortunately, the doctors told Mardosiene and her partner something they never wanted to hear. Kevin closed his eyes forever in the hospital room, more than two hours after his bedtime meal. Mardosiene’s sister, Tatjana Abraitiene, said:

“I said the last goodbye to my nephew. I kissed him and told him, ‘I’m so sorry. I can’t change anything.’ It was horrible.”

Abraitiene revealed that her sister was beyond devastated after learning about Kevin’s death. While mourning, Mardosiene said she didn’t want to live. She said she wanted to join her son, unaware that her wish would be granted soon.

The Unbearable Pain

Abraitiene also shared that she and her sister had waited for Kevin’s birth for a long time. She recalled when she brought Mardosiene from the hospital after Kevin’s birth. The little boy had only been in this world for five months.


After Kevin’s death, Mardosiene’s family didn’t let her leave the hospital, fearing she might hurt herself at home. Instead, they trusted the National Health Service to look after her until she could accept her little one’s death. Abraitiene revealed:

“Two police officers came to my home later and told me she was dead. I had no words.”

Double Tragedy

Mardosiene breathed her last inside Stoke-on-Trent’s main hospital at 5 p.m., the same day her son died. The hospital staff said that the distressed mother suddenly collapsed and passed away.

While her family was trying to accept Kevin’s unexpected demise, the shock of Mardosiene’s sudden death hit them. They weren’t ready to deal with the pain of losing two family members a few hours apart. Abraitiene said:

“She [Mardosiene] was my everything, my other part. I will miss talking to her and going on walks together.”

Demanding Answers

It was painful for Abraitiene to accept her sister’s death. She remembered Mardosiene as the girl who spread smiles and always had something to say to make others happy. Abraitiene confessed during an interview:

“It has been a month since they died, and the hospital still has no answers. I just need to know exactly what happened.”

While Abraitiene demanded answers from the Royal Stoke University Hospital, the organization’s chief nurse advised the family to contact the Patient Advice and Liason Team. The chief nurse refrained from commenting publicly about Mardosiene’s case.

The Comments

Netizens were heartbroken after finding out about Mardosiene’s sudden death after she lost Kevin. The news of the double tragedy spread on social media, and people expressed their opinions in the comments section. Here are some of the comments:

“Devastating. They were my tenants, and my thoughts go to everyone. Beautiful family.”

― (@Stephen Williams) September 13, 2022

“Another unexplained death. I hope they get the truth. RIP”

― (@Emma Jane) September 12, 2022

“So sad, thinking of you all, Tatjana. Sending all our love.”

― (@Clara Hemmings) September 12, 2022

“[She] died of a broken heart.”

― (@Teena Guthrie) September 12, 2022

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mardosiene’s family and friends, who are dealing with the unimaginable pain of this double tragedy.

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