Adorable 3 year-old twins with Down syndrome become viral stars and steal everyone’s hearts

Charlie and Milo McConnel are 3 year-old twins who both suffer from Down syndrome, and the pair have found themselves becoming social media stars because of just how adorable they are!


Nicknamed “Chuckles and Meatloaf” by their parents, the twins have garnered over 22k followers on Instagram and more than 10k on Facebook. They have smiles that have melted the hearts of internet users everywhere, and many are inspired by the love they have for life!

Julie McConnel, the boys’ mother, said that she initially started their Facebook page to keep friends and family up to date about their lives. She could not believe it when the page went viral!


“I just wanted it to be more of a way to share, ‘This is our life; and this is what it’s really like to grow up and have twins in your home with Down syndrome’. Because that’s what I wanted to know when I got the diagnosis — what is this life really, really, really like? I don’t just want to see rainbows and butterflies and miracles every day,” Julie explained.


“I have these children who are so remarkable and so unique and so special. I feel like I have them for a purpose and that I could be for someone else what these twins in Scotland were for me. Pay it forward, right?” Julie continued.

Charlie, who was a pound bigger than his brother at birth, is proving to be the more physically apt twin. He was the first one to learn to walk, and he loves sumo wrestling and playing with any kind of ball with his father.

Milo has since caught up with his brother in walking, and he is even better at Charlie when it comes to sign language.

“We always say that Charlie’s our athlete and Milo’s our scholar,” their mom said. “Those are their two distinct personalities.”


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