99-Year-Old Is A Chick-Fil-A Employee Who Works 6 Days A Week And Loves It All

Many stories have recently been published about elderly citizens who keep working because they can’t make ends meet.People like Maria Rios, 75, who had to work even while battling ovarian cancer, or the 71-year-old delivery man who kept working because he could not fix his house otherwise, are only two out of millions of Americans who continue working after the age of 70 to afford healthcare and to meet day-to-day needs.

On the other hand, there are also those who just keep working because work gives their lives some meaning, a purpose in life, a reason why they should get up every morning.This is how Carol Miller of Colerain Township feels about her Chick-Fil-A job.“It gives me a reason for being,” she told during an interview with FOX 19.


Miller, or “Miss Carol” as people know her around town, has been working for the local restaurant since it opened in the neighborhood six years ago.

Initially, she could be seen picking up trash around the restaurant, and a while later, the owner, Marc Osborne, decided to offer her a job.

She happily accepted the offer and started working for them, and since then she has not missed a day. She always shows up and the most amazing part of that is that she goes to work on foot.

She walks to the restaurant every day, and only occasionally does she get a ride to work. While walking there, she enjoys picking up trash and making sure that the streets she passes by are clean. So is the local Chick-Fil-A, which she keeps cleaner than ever both inside and outside.


Miss Carol loves her job. She particularly enjoys contact with the customers. She loves talking with them and making sure they enjoy their meals and the overall restaurant experience.

“I see everyone who comes in and I approach them after they’re seated,” she explained. “And I make sure they have what they want and I must do it with everyone.”

During the pandemic, the owner kept her far from the customers because she is high risk, so Miller worked either outside- when the weather allowed for it- or inside but kept a distance from customers.

Miss Carol is not even considering giving up her job and retiring. And her boss and co-workers love her, too, and they are actually planning on celebrating her 100th birthday on December 14th together.

Osborne explains that Miller should be an example for younger people, and an inspiration for new generations.

“She is the example of what we want our young kids to be,” Osborne told FOX 19. “I mean she always shows up, she never misses a day, she’s consistently loving and caring for our guests. She always keeps the place clean and she just really enjoys the work that she does.”

What a lovely lady Miss Carol is. We hope she gets to do the job she enjoys for as long as it makes her happy.


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