94-yr-old watches big rig pull up in driveway losing it when he sees granddaughter behind the wheel

The look on his face will be hard for this family to forget.
There is nothing better than seeing a grandparent beam with pride for their grandchild.
In a heartwarming video, a woman surprises her 94-year-old grandfather when she drives over to his house in her new wheels. The very big wheels just happen to be on a bobtail semi truck.

The 94-year-old looks out for something coming down the road but isn’t quite sure what is happening.
He waits patiently for something to happen as his daughter films.


He starts to realize what’s going on when a big rig turns to back into the driveway.
His daughter films his reaction and asks him, “What do you think about that?” His only response is “Well…I have no idea!” He turns to smile at the camera as he realizes it might be someone he knows.
94-yr-old watches big rig pull up in driveway losing it when he sees granddaughter behind t he wheel
He starts to wonder who is behind the wheel and jokingly tells his daughter she knows what’s going on but he doesn’t.
His daughter quickly responds with “Well I know what’s going on!”


The 94-year-old finally realized it’s his granddaughter behind the wheel.
His reaction is priceless. “I’ll be damned…that’s her!” he says. He turns to the camera and you can see the emotion on his face. He seems at a loss for words.

His daughter tells him to keep watching as the truck backs into the driveway.
“I’ll be damned” he says again softly. “That’s Missy!” He knows who it is but he can’t believe it and seems completely in shock.

He is completely overwhelmed with joy to see his granddaughter in her new big rig.
He wastes no time walking down the driveway to greet her. It takes him a little longer but he eventually gets there to see her coming out.


Just as he approaches the cabin door, out pops his granddaughter Missy.
She is all smiles as she hugs her grandfather and shows off her new ride. He seems so happy for her.

“Hi!” Missy says to her grandfather with a big smile on her face.
You can tell she is super proud of herself too as she should be. This is a very special day for their family and especially for this sweet grandfather.

Missy is just one of many female truck drivers in the country.
People have stereotypes of what a female truck driver should look like but Real Women In Trucking wants to let people know those female drivers ‘come in all shapes, sizes, ethnic groups, and ages.’

“Many women truckers are grandmothers who are no longer tied to the home.” – Real Women In Trucking
“Despite the stereotype image of truck drivers, they are incredibly diverse but hidden from the public. There is a significant GLBTQ population of truck drivers , short drivers, tall drivers, Vegetarian Truckers, Cowboy Truckers, Christian Truckers, Pagan Truckers, and Hare Krishna Truckers, Politically Active Truckers, Computer Geek Truckers – Real Women In Trucking

Now watch this heartwarming video of Missy surprising her grandfather with her new wheels.
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