60-Year-Old Woman Gets A Makeover So Drastic Her Daughter Doesn’t Recognize Her

Did you ever feel as if you have settled into a routine and you continue to follow that routine every day for months or perhaps even years? Sometimes we may just feel as if we need a change and it can feel good to break away from such a long-held routine. That being said, it also isn’t the easiest thing to do but once we do it, we may wonder why we waited so long in the first place.

When a 60-year-old woman named Kim recognized that she was in a routine, she realized that it was important to break free and make a big change. Her family decided they will give her a special treat on her birthday but they didn’t want to buy her something that would just sit on the shelf and gather dust. She didn’t need a new purse and she didn’t want to dress, they decided on something quite different. They wanted to give her a special makeover and it turned out it was just the right gift for their mother.


At one point, Kim told her daughter that she would love to have a makeover from Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy. I’m sure that she didn’t expect them to follow through on it but now there was her 60th birthday, they realized it was the perfect time to surprise her.


It wasn’t only her daughter who was in on the surprise, it was her husband and his son Chad and Chad’s wife, Megan. They wanted to break the news to her in a special way and in the end, it was executed perfectly.

Every half hour on her 60th birthday, Kim received clues on cards and by the time the day was over, she knew that she was going to be on the Makeover Guy’s show. She was in for a dramatic makeover and Christopher Hopkins decided that she would get a new look that was a lot of fun.

Kim already had beautiful, long hair and makeup, so there was plenty to work with. When she looked in the mirror after it was over, she was thrilled with the fact that she looked so much younger.

When you see the reactions from her family, you know that they are close and that they wanted nothing more than a happy mother. In the end, they gave her something that didn’t have a monetary value but it was something that was special on many different levels.

You can see the makeover happen in this video:


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