3-Year-Old Boy Promises to Marry Preschool Sweetheart, 20 Years Later He Fulfills His Promise

When a preschool boy openly declared his love for a girl in front of his friends, they burst into loud guffaws. The two lovebirds then went to different elementary schools and colleges, only to get reunited by a friend years later.


We’ve all grown up reading stories and watching movies and TV shows on high school romance. While the reel world paints things oh-so-perfectly with a seemingly happy ending, one might find such notions too good to be true in real life.
Regardless, finding your one true love at the tender age of 3 might seem a little too far-fetched, but not for Matt Grodsky, who was absolutely sure about his feelings for Laura Scheel.
Scheel and Grodsky attended preschool in Phoenix, Arizona. For Grodsky, it was clearly love at first sight, and he couldn’t stop chasing Laura. Talking about his feelings in a post shared by the Instagram account “The Way We Met,” Grodsky revealed:

“I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day.”

He also explained how he tried to get her attention by reciting lines from “The Lion King,” as the movie was quite popular during their preschool era. Laura shared how the Matt she remembered from the preschool days was a total goofball.


Seeing how smitten he was with her, Scheel too began reciprocating his feelings. The little sweethearts often spent time together outside of school, going on play dates, picnics, and movies under their parents’ supervision.
Growing up, the two lovebirds went to different elementary schools and lost connection. Their sole means of staying in touch were the Christmas cards their families exchanged annually.
They even went to different high schools, but in the fall of their freshman year, something unexpected happened. Scheel expressed how, while looking through her friend’s phone, she suddenly came across Grodsky’s name.

Eventually, Scheel discovered that her friend knew Grodsky from middle school. That same friend later ended up reuniting the two long-lost sweethearts. But once high school ended, they went to colleges in two different states. Scheel also explained:

“Right after we graduated from high school, we were pretty hesitant. We were like, ‘Do we stay together? Do we try to make it work?'”

Fortunately, the couple made things work, even though Scheel went to Northern Arizona University while Grodsky got admission to Columbia College Chicago. Once they finished college, Grodsky knew exactly what he had to do.

On May 23, 2015, just when they were about to begin their senior year, Grodsky took Scheel on a surprise visit to their preschool. Revealing more details about the romantic proposal, he added:

“The whole car ride to the preschool she kept asking me why I seemed anxious. I kept checking my pocket when she wasn’t looking to make sure the ring was still there.”

Grodsky even asked his brother to stay nearby and capture the proposal. He then got down on one knee and popped the big question. The answer he got was a loud and clear “yes.”

Finally, on December 30, 2016, after a wait of 20 years, the preschool lovers tied the knot. The wedding was officiated by Scheel’s uncle, who also shared his thoughts on the couple’s sweet union:

“For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them it was about finding their soulmates.”

Indeed, Scheel and Grodsky have proven to the world that soulmates do exist, and finding them is the most magical experience one could ever have.


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